Ktiriakes Ypodomes S.A.

Ktiriakes Ypodomes S.A. is Greece’s sole authority for delivering the country’s public building infrastructures, such as schools, hospitals, courts of justice, correctional facilities, embassies, fire stations, and any other public building that may be required.

Our goal is to provide innovative and novel sustainable public buildings with the most beneficial financial terms.

The company -which is a government-owned corporation- was created from the merger of the Schools Building Organisation S.A. [SBO/O.S.K., responsible for education infrastructures] and DEPANOM S.A. [responsible for health infrastructures]. On the 1st of August 2015 “Themis Constructions S.A.” [responsible for justice infrastructures] will also adhere to Ktiriakes Ypodomes S.A..



A variety of public construction projects varying from hospitals, courthouses, schools to firebrigade stations and other projects.


We shield the National Health System (“ESY”) by providing citizens with high-quality public health infrastructure.


We strengthen the school infrastructure of the country with new, safe, bioclimatic and fully equipped buildings.


We support the field of Justice with the construction of new and the maintenance of existing facilities.

Civil Protection

We design and implement infrastructure that enhances the sense of security of citizens.